Trediberri Langhe Rosato 2020


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  • CountryItaly,
  • RegionPiemonte,
  • ColourRose,


Our Langhe Rosato is to find a place for those grapes we cannot use for our red wines. For this reason, every year the blend and the grape varieties are different. The result is an interesting dry Rosato, far from “sugar-candied” characters, not extremely alcoholic, with good structure and length. Easy to pair with an aperitivo (charcuterie and cheeses), salmon, raw fish, mozzarella or burrata, cold pasta. We suggest to serve it at 14-15 ° celsius. Refreshing, easy, yet not simple.

Producer: Trediberri

Berri is a small village in the westernmost part of La Morra, close to the Tanaro river and therefore in the far west of the Barolo area. There, in 2007, Nicola , his father Federico and his friend Vladimiro purchase 5 hectares for the exclusive production of Barolo. The Trediberriwinery , or the "three of Berri", was born. On the market since 2011, today we vinify 8 hectares of vineyards: in addition to the 5 hectares in the Berri mention, we own approximately 2 hectares in the mentions

Rocche dell'Annunziata and Torriglione - where we produce Barolo, Barbera and Sauvignon Blanc - and we rent about one hectare of Nebbiolo in Barolo in the Capalotmentionalso in La Morra. We are a family winery, artisan and very young, without coats of arms with rampant horses and flags spread out. We have no history, but that's fine with us: talking about the present, through our wines.

“PHILOSOPHY” We like to drink wine and for this reason the greatest recognition is the bottle that ends quickly. But our idea of drinkability does not coincide with simplicity, but with balance. There are extremely alcoholic and structured and at the same time pleasant wines or, on the contrary, wines with low alcohol content, but cloying. The bottle that finishes first is always the most balanced wine, in which the various components interact with each other in a complete way. For this reason we don't have and we don't like dogmas and protocols: we usually vinify in cement, but we also love wood or steel according to the vintages and the grape variety; we macerate for more or less days; we refine for more or less time ... all to try to offer wines that are as drinkable and balanced as possible.

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