"Fabbrica was founded in 2013 with one goal, to make a special / purist wine. We cannot boast a century of heritage to the territory, nor several generations of winemakers and that is why our main purpose is to experiment and see what this place can offer from an innovative point of view and without borders / infinity of possibilities.

Natural & simple. We have a very modern winery, all the best equipment but we have not invented anything...

We make wine in the most natural and simplest way, which does not mean that our wines are made just by themselves. We observe, control and help them to become what they are.

Natural yeast, spontaneous and slow fermentation, whole bunch, regular punching-downs... nothing magical in itself. Everything come from the winemaker's experiences in Oregon and New-Zealand and a long probation in Tuscany.

Long maceration, skin contact and whole cluster Here again, nothing new under the Tuscan sun. We bring in the grapes that have been harvested by hand and thus, first selected in the vineyard, then a second time at the winery and there are now kept in open bins, concrete tanks and wooden vessels for several weeks to go through our "protocollo di vinificazione". And we let it go... at its own path. We leave some whole bunch, we don't add anything, we leave it there the time it needs. That's it. We don't really intervene but everyday we just say hello, look at it, smell it, touch it and make it breathe gently until grapes juice became wine.

We are in Tuscany and our terroir is Italian. But we think it is interesting to go further and analyse what is like and not like some other places. The climate of Pienza has strong analogies with the Rhone valley: it is less continental than the northernmost part of the valley, with marked summer temperature variations and winds throughout the year; less hot than the lower Rhone Valley, but similarly rainy. The climate is warm and temperate in Pienza. There is significant rainfall throughout the year, even in the driest month."

~ Fabbrica

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