Jean Paul Daumen

"It is a project that I care about deeply since many years. Seeing this young winegrowers working their soils, I wanted to bottled their talents. The more we will be many to value this natural idea of the soils and the vines, the better our Rhône’s lands will be illustrated. 

 It is a project of grape’s vinification, where the fruits acquired come from the parcels that was worked according to my conception of living and vibrating soils. A durable project where the grapes come from organic agriculture or biodynamic. Where all the materials and other packaging are best suited to the respect of our environment.

 It is a new range of wines, a new project, a new label. This is accessibles wines, without being too simples. This is wines that want to be drink commonly in modesty and that stay true and authentic.

 This project is my signature. From a rich and healthy harvest, my work in the cellar stays faithful to the notion of expression of the land and the vintage. My approach isn’t very interventionist. Nature always had the last word and my role consist in following the evolution of the wine, that’s all. It is a work of shapes where the heavy extractions and the tricks are avoided. I wish that my task allowed to privileged the purity of the fruit, the finesse of the material, the uniqueness of the vintage and the nature of the land." ~Jean Paul Daumen

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