Régis & Sylvain

"After their respective careers in finance and winemaking, Régis and Sylvain, two cousins from Marseille, bring together their passion and love for wine.

Convinced that the world has entered an insatiable quest for wines of excellence, with the ambition of elevating the wine-drinking experience, Régis and Sylvain cannot but notice a gap in the offer. The fact is that it cannot seem to quench the thirst of the growing global middle class and meet its ever-demanding expectations.

To make up that deficiency in some way, they decided to give a new face to wine production by creating their own brand at the end of 2017: Régis & Sylvain®. A brand synonymous with quality, identity of terroir, reasoned production and moderated prices. In order to achieve that, they prefer to go to the four corners of France rather than acquire a vineyard. They can thus vinify grapes and bottle their wines in regions providing them with the opportunity to meet those criteria.

Based in the heart of Marseille, the outreach of their wine trading company has already spread to four continents." ~ Maison Herout

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