Simon Colin

"The history of Domaine Simon Colin can be defined in two stages. Firstly, since 2017, I have endeavored to make you discover my vision of wine through confidential cuvées directly from what I like to call my "laboratory".

 The idea of ​​this business was basically to combine my experience acquired in France and abroad with a thirst for answers concerning the world of wine. So I was able to enter this one and create my own label.

After four years of working on this miniature trading project, the opportunity presented itself to me to take over a few family vines in my name. Consequently, in 2021 I am signing my first strong vintage from an estate made up of around 9 hectares of vines. I project myself towards a singular vision of viticulture and oenology while respecting family know-how. Aware of the challenges of today's world, I try to apply thoughtful and effective work inspired by organic and biodynamic agriculture." ~Simon Colin

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